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Welser Hütte

Welcome to the Wels hut!

The Wels cabin nestled in 1,740 m close to the rocks of the Dead Mountains. It is a meeting place for mountaineers and climbers, and a starting point for a variety of alpine tours, such as Sherm to the mountains or the Great Priel.

Currently we are in the third Welser hut. The first hut was the victim of an avalanche, and was the second hut was abandoned when the current lodge completed. Construction time for this was from 1969 to 1971. ) Ongoing renovations (technically and structurally, the picture of the hut over the years have not significantly altered.

As shelter is the category 1, the building still exudes the charm of the 70s ever. The technical equipment is not on the updated and may well be described as one of the most modern in the Alps.

The Landlords' Lisi and Thomas take care of you. Lisi provides for the for the service and the cleanliness of the cabin, and Thomas (host, cook, house servant, lumberjack ...) will cook for you. For eating, there is home cooking at its best, and everything prepared fresh, canned food, there is not because the hosts' the same food as their guests!

Opening times: The Wels hut for you from 1 June (or the weekend of Pentecost) until 15 September daily round.
Accessibility: It is accessible from Almtalerhaus (714 m) in the Hetzau in about 3h walk.

Facts & Figures

The Wels Hut is located at 1,740 m altitude in the foothills of the Great Priel (2,515 m) and the shearing Mountain (2,396 m).
Latitude: 47 ° 43.402 '- Longitude: 14 ° 2.973'
Beds: Bunks beds: 20, Dormitory: 80, winter room: from the 2009/2010 season is available only with Alpunion key - this is collected from the Alpine Club in Wels! NO MORE FREE ACCESS!
Tour Info
Ausgangs-/Endpunkt: Almtalerhaus
Walking time: 3 hours
Height: 1740 m


Erwin Reisenhofer

Tel: +43 (0) 7616/8088                       

Mobile: +43 (0) 699 164 687 04

E-mail: e-mail only in the valley

Reservations and information please call only during the season!

Web: http://www.welserhuette.com   


Sepp Huber Hütte

Sepp Huber, the lodge is situated in 1506 meters above sea level in a vast pasture areas.
For mountaineering's going from here to further Spitzplaneck or Kasberg.
Opening times: mid-May to September / October

Tour Info
Ausgangs-/Endpunkt Mountain Inn Hochberghaus
Walking time: 1 hour
Height: 1506 m




Particularly fine vantage points along the trail 1150-1600 ft

Range: Hochberghaus - Farrenaualm - Kasbergalm - Kasbergalm Lake - Kasbergalmhütte with dairy - Spitzplaneck - Regenkar - Sepp Huber Hut - back to Hochberghaus

Length: about 8 km / Höhendifferent 450 m
Walking time: 3-4 hours

Dairy - farms: Wednesday through Sunday 10-17 Clock

Almführungen the Senner (approx. 4 hours):
with a group of 6 to 25 people
Content: Basic insights into Serviced and dairy, interesting facts about grazing animals, Almkräuter, medicinal plants, wildlife habitats, production of semi-natural food, contact with grazing animals, children's games, activities Almpflege and much more ...  



The Steyrerhütte offers hearty meals for hungry hikers!

Kasberg of the Dead is a mountain massif in northern upstream in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, and is 1747m high. Is bounded by the rivers of Kasberg Alm, Grünau Bach and Steyrling.

In the midst of this wild beauty lies at the foot of Kasberg below a fabulous Steyrerhütte the pasture - the panorama to the mountain ridge of the Dead is unsurpassed, the cottage is old but clean and the landlord a pleasant fellow who not only its guests with delicacies from kitchen and cellar but also provides good tips for a successful day ....

Opening times:

Summer: Open early May to the Saints throughout.

Winter: Friday from 13 clock, Saturday and Sunday, and from December 26 to 6.Jänner open all day.

Attention: Closed from mid-September for three weeks hunting block.

To look forward to welcoming the Steyr huts team!


Toni Helmel
0664/96 70 500


Nearest railway station: Steyrling
Nearest bus station: Steyrling
Access paths to the hut:

From Brunnental:
We take the car on the B138, turn and go Steyrling (6.3 kilometers) down to the Brunnental. On one of the numerous car we hold and climb on to Steyrerhütte (1,400 meters above sea level). The Brunnental is romantically situated, green, wide valley and the starting point for many hikes. Here are the summer home and the Forest Service of the Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe, known for its annual event "picnic". We take the road through a shady Katzengraben, Road No. 433rd An artificial, wide gravel stream bed (for heavy rain) with us the path. After all, we have to the hut about 700 meters altitude difference to be overcome. There are so many beautiful plants to see along the way and we will be happy ever again stand in order to photograph them. After 2 / 3 of the climb you cross a forest road, the land is now forested and interspersed with fine gravel. It is now below the Hochkogel (1,193 m) and a beautiful Almboden spreads out before you. Butterflies, and colorful meadows with a variety of bluebells, giant mullein, fragrant thyme, aconite and many other plants can stay one stand again. After a left bend, the trail leads from the shadows of the trees again to the right. Everything is well signposted. A few hundred meters, it is now in the sun up. The road has been widened, and probably riddled with debris. Here you can find the perfect season to the slopes sweet strawberries. Now it's back into the forest. So slowly we will open the forest to look at the Dead Mountains. A rare Türkenbundlilie grow hidden at the roadside. At a crossroads, a plaque hangs, it is reminiscent of a group of children who in 1943 found there in a blizzard to die. Right leads the way to Kirchdorfer Hut (Maple Alm). Here one can still recognize the impact of the huge storms of late. Finally, the Steyrerhütte is in sight after two hours.

* From Almtalerhaus
* From Grünau about Sepp-Huber-Hütte and the Kasberggipfel


Tour options

* Roßschopf (40 min)
* Kasberg (1 hour)
* Sepp Huber Hut (1.5 hours)
* Swallow Wall (1 hour)
* Ödseen (1.5 hours)
* Almtalerhaus (2 hrs)
* Langscheidalm (1 hour)
* Steyrling (1.5 hours)
* Grünau (3.5 hours)
* Rome (50 days)

Neighboring Lodges:

* Sepp Huber Hut
* Almtalerhaus
* Kirchdorfer Hut
* Welser Hütte
* Prielschutzhaus

Tour Info

Steyrling, parking Brunnental

2 - 2.5 hours

1400 m

Our retreat Tip

We are happy to pamper you with homemade dishes and beverages from the region. On Sundays and holidays, there's at us Krustenbratl from the wood stove! Enjoy and experience the unique sunset over dinner at a rich buffet breakfast and the glorious sunrise.


Located in the Dead Mountains Pühringerhütte is the hub for many demanding mountain hikes.

Opening times: mid-May - late October

Tour Info
Ausgangs-/Endpunkt: Almsee
Walking time: 5 h
Height: 1638 m
Contact Addresses
Ingo Jansenberger
4645 Grünau - Dead Mountain
Tel: +43 (664) 9833241 

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