Fam. Schiefermair
Im Dorf 23
A- 4645 Grünau im Almtal, Österreich
Tel.: +43(7616)8241
Fax: +43(7616)8241 15


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Fishing in the Almfluss

A paradise for fly fishers!

Fish cards and license books for the Almfluss are available for holiday guests when you stay for 3 nights in Grünau in the tourist office!

Content - Alm (river)
Fish cards, and license books for the Almfluss for holiday guests, 1 May to mid-September at the tourist Grünau available!

Asking for ticket reservations!

Fish ticket: EUR 45.00
License Book: EUR 14.00
Price Day Ticket: EUR 45.00

Fishing license on Almsee: € 80, - per night (5 hours boat with driver + 4 piece trout). Fishing possible with turn signals or Koppe;

Alm (river)
In the village 17
4645 Grünau, Austria

Tel: +43 (7616) 8268
Fax: +43 (7616) 8895

E-mail: gruenauremove_this@almtal.at



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