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The mountains are calling!

You do not have to go wandering alone! Because (under guidance of our state-certified mountain guide, Herbert Hackl Tel: 0699 10 97 48 56) can climb so much hiking destination is often easier to discover a hidden natural gem sooner. Mild and moderate hiking and mountain tours are available to choose from:

· Hinterer Rinnbach - Vorderer Rinnbach
· Grünberg - Laudachsee - Hauergraben
· Ins Nesseltal
· Hinterer Rinnbach - Gaßlhöhle Ebensee
· Hauergraben - Traunsee

· Kasberg (Grünau-Hochberghaus-Sepp-Huber-Hütte-Kasberg-Almtalerhaus)
· Zwillingskogel
· Hochsalm
· Schneiderberg

1 bis 2-day guided HIKING:
· Besteigung des Großen Priels (2515m): 1 Tag (für Konditionsstarke)
·  Überschreitung des Toten Gebirges (v. Almtal
       ins Ausseer Land - 1 oder 2 Tage, wie oben)

Baugebinn: Mai 2009 / Eröffnung: Juli 2009
Länge 1.300 m / Höhe: 550 Hm


Climbing F. YOUNG AND OLD: free climbing in Grünau, Scharnstein and Gmunden: Transfer, climbing equipment will irreversibly, bring your sneakers and apparel-! At least once a week!

CLIMBS - With mountain guide:
· Traunstein - Friends of Nature trail - 1691m, Duration 1 days
· Spitzmauer - Stodertaler Climbing - 2442m, duration 2 days
Large · Priel - Rinesch Bert Climbing - 1515m, duration 2 days

All activities will be held from 4 people!

Registration and information at the tourist Grünau Tel: 07616/8268



Climbing Schermberg

With a length of 1400 meters and almost 600 meters altitude climbing calls that other ridge-climbing-out classics.

The tourist board Grünau and the Alpine Club contact the Section catfish Tassilo climbing C / D and three new fixed rope exercise at levels A, C, D, new incentives for alpine sports.

On 13 August 2009 made the official handover to the project initiators. The inauguration ceremony with mountain mass, and music will take place during the summer festival at the end of Welser Hütte 12 to 13 September 2009 statt.

Although challenging, is the tour for aficionados. Named after the historical Duke Tassilo III, founder of the monastery Kremsmünster, opens the Tassilo the mountaineers climbing the mountains of the Dead Mountains: Deep down into Hetzautal and a distant view from the Bohemian Forest, the Dachstein, the main Alpine ridge and over the barren, seemingly endless limestone plateau between the Great Priel, Spitzmauer, Temelberg and Rotgschirr. This plateau, with its numerous sinkholes, Karen and shafts, the Dead Mountains also owes its reputation and makes it a hot tip for mountain climbers and nature lovers.

For this scenic and challenging Alpine tour nine to ten hours actual walking time should be scheduled for a total of 1,700 meters can be managed. Experience, good weather and safe conditions are a precondition for this.

Here are the two shelters welcome bases. Right at the beginning of the trail on Almtalerhaus passing through the largest Bergsturztal Europe, the Hetzautal, which ends abruptly at 1400 m Schermberg towering north face. It is after Watzmann east face the second highest in the eastern Alps and is famous for its climbing routes.

The north wall always in sight, draws the path quickly becoming steeper Welser up to the hut. From there it is only just under 30 minutes until the start of the via ferrata in a cave-like niche.

The trail is in Grade C / D with three strong D posts, which are vertically and about five to eight meters high. First stop of the tour is the prominent peak of Almtaler Köpfl to 2,205 m. Then it continues on a very impressive airy ridges up to the summit of Mount Scherm, 2,396 m, at the end of the trail, too.


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